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Ideas and Solution

[FamilyProtection] Ideas & Solution:  The Lion Route And Its Components

A lot of brainstorming have been going on for a while now on how to keep CPS down and its all a very good thing. And ideas have been flowing, very sound and effective ones. But whatever we do, playing tug of war and having a "triumphant" trend with the organisation backing CPS would consume so much energy, the question then is "do we have the energy, do we have the human labor they have, do we have the powers they 'seem' to have, do we have the masses support they have". I will try not to re-talk about some of the great suggestion that has been made by many people here in the community and also the on point post by @eco-alex setting a nice precedent for the Awareness and Change path.

At the end of it all, the best idea is the collective good ideas of the entire community, merged together to form a potent arrow
I will talk about the Lion Solution (that was the only word that came to my mind) and this would sculpture out little ideas that would be effective in collaboration to many others already talked about by the FP community. Forgive my titles!

The Lion Solution

As crazy as it might sound, the best solution is to entirely wipe out the system. Just as Mark's post says, now picking just the picture part: "Burn! CPS!! Burn!", but who is strong enough to bring the fuel?, who is strong enough to bring the match stick? who will bell the Cat!.
Misconception people have is to expect a "magical change", nope, this can't happen in an instant, we should begin to pick up one brick at a time so we build an impenetrable haven. Nothing this "GOOD" comes easy.

Back To The Old Religion

People have lived far from each other for too long, we have become blinded by the sinking idea of Taking On The World By Ourselves. Going back to the old time religion is the way!. I am not talking about Islamism, Christianity, atheism, not at all, I am referring to the Religion of inter-connectivity, the religion of community with all its spirit, the religion of connecting back with families, peoples, ideas and all.
We have lived too far from each other, the power of being a community had always been our strongest defense against all odds, but we have forgotten what it means to live together in unity, what it means to understand a burden for "one" is a burden for "all".
This is part of the plan of the Dark Elites, to keep us apart, break our community spirit, using CPS to pick up lone families!. Keep parents busy with meager jobs, while they send our children to the slaughter house. There is a need to start planning a route for individual sustainability, we have been made to rely too much on the government. It is time to go back to the old time Religion.

Preaching The Gospel Of Peace, FP And Not Of War

Have you been a preacher?, there are some people out there who just need the right set of information, to join this movement.
 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge_Hosea 4:6
A huge population, in the 95% range are unaware of the CPS problem, many people never know until they have fallen victims. People are perishing and victimized for the lack of knowledge. The best gift anyone can receive is the Gift Of Knowing!.
We need to use every available tool to increase the awareness level, @eco-alex have mentioned a lot of this in his post about Solution, @canadian-coconut has mentioned using decentralized Ad Tools. All these are perfect. When I wanted to get myself a work laptop last year, the Adverts I saw from different sources made the decision for me.
Two days ago in my Post I mentioned the power "MUSIC" possess in creating awareness, this issue should be sung about. @eco-alex has mentioned "short informational videos" about this issue as well. Seminars and conferences hoping to promote awareness and eradicate ignorance should be considered. Aside that, have you stepped out of the comfort of your home to Preach the Gospel of family preservation in your own vicinity?, come on, go out and preach in a peaceful manner!.

Oh Safe House!

Before I continue, when I say safe house I don't mean this:
a house in a secret location, used by spies or criminals in hiding. 
But I mean a safe location parents can go, to temporarily get away from this kidnappers. I am not a fan of the "Flight" manner, but we must realize that at times, the only solution for a family is to temporarily stop Fighting, and then take a Flight!, being untraceable would be great, then return for the fight or just permanently go away.
This is an idea though, we don't need an actual "Safe House" to accomplish this, I have seen almost 4 families who have left their doors opened for other families facing CPS. There is a beautiful example of such people here on Steemit, A woman whose name I won't mention, who have opened her home before and have helped families. Let's have more safe houses...

Warriors And Horses: We Need To Be Our Own Radicals

 "Burn! CPS!! Burn!", but who is strong enough to bring the fuel?, who is strong enough to bring the match stick? who will bell the Cat!.
At this point, it has become a normal tradition for children to go missing, lost, kidnapped all through the structuring of the System. It is time to defy this tradition, it is time to be our own "Radicals And Extremists"!!!. In this scenario, it is a good thing to be!. We need our own ELITES for family preservation.
I was moved when I read the conclusion of @shade-of-clarity about 14 days ago. She decided to study Law not because of her Grand Children only, but so she can help others as well. That was one of the best resolution I ever read for months now. I myself have delved into the laws, the acts and every other legality. You don't need to be a Lawyer to know the Law.
Robbery always tend to occur no matter how safe a place is, like robbery, CPS would always want to stick its head into where it doesn't belong. So, everyone, boot up and learn the Laws in play, and fend off this idiotic kidnappers. How great would it be if we had a community who knows the Law to a reasonable extent, and how superfluous, if the FP community had a Hundred (100) base of Practicing Lawyers, who are here to help out of Free Will and interest in the success of this Movement
The Acts And Unconstitutional laws fighting against Families today were all smuggled in by some evil Extremists and Radicals, who gradually enticed and gave a delusion pill to the public. We need radicals, changing the tradition that is in play now, A panel of FP radicals would be awesome. Scrap the panel talk, we don't need a panel, we all need to become Positive Radicals. Be a voice to be reckoned with.

Don't Be The Bad Egg?

At the end of many of my post some times back, I usually write: "Keep Loving Your Children". No parent need to be told this. We should make sure we are not to blame if this people come knocking. Please do not be the "bad parent" that gives a bad tag to every other good parents out there. Because CPS is ever ready and searching for "actual bad parents" to air on TV and News papers, in so doing, winning more trust from the people and making them think CPS is needed. The idea is, "Don't be the bad egg".

Even Oxygen Is Bought!

Air is free, but Oxygen is bought when an individual can no longer sustain air. Who is that man that goes to War and doesn't count the cost!. To attain our destination, many ideas popping up would need funding. Collectively we can achieve this..

Curtain Close

If we can ALL achieve this tiny little ideas, the Lion Solution(Protocol) would kick in spontaneously without been told to. An explosive reaction for the burning of this evil organisation. In the mean time, let us not sleep until CPS is known as an Evil by all populace, leading to less REPORT to CPS from well intending neighbors/professionals and then the System will go down like every other Empire in history that thought it was All Powerful and enslaved good people.

Back To The Old Time Religion Where We Dwelt As A Community,
When Everyone Knew That Families Make The Great Foundation
And Collective Unity Was The Answer.
Be Among The Movement!!

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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